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Meet Private Calvin Mitchell—a female soldier during the Civil War and one of the main characters in ‘The Officer’s Daughter’

Meet Private Calvin Mitchell—a female soldier during the Civil War and one of the main characters in ‘The Officer’s Daughter’

I’m part of the Summer Reading Blog Tour and today it is my turn to interview a character in my latest release, The Officer’s Daughter – a Civil War romance, part of Murray Pura’s American Civil War series ‘Let Freedom Ring’.

I invited Private Calvin Mitchell for a cup of tea and a nice little chat. It may surprise you that this private is not a man but a woman. In 1864, women were not allowed to fight in the war between the States – but Calvin did. She has tried hard to keep her true gender a secret, but the captain of her company found out.

What is your real name?
You didn’t really think I was going to answer this question, I hope. I haven’t even told Captain Andrew Burns. But maybe I will spill my secret at the end of my story . . .

All right, Calvin, let’s go on to the next question. Why did you join the Union army? It is not allowed for a woman to fight, because it is a man’s job. So why did you change your petticoats for trousers?
I’m a tomboy really. My mother died when I was young and my father and six brothers were my daily examples. I loved doing what they did. So when everyone from my family had joined up and left me alone, I decided to do the same thing they did – just like I have done my whole life.

Weren’t you afraid to get shot or die?
I don’t like to admit it, but yes, I was afraid. Especially during my first battle when I realized that I had two options; shoot the enemy or get shot by them. I was terrified when I saw everyone in my company changing into blood thirsty animals – and even more frightened when I realized that I was one of them.

I can’t imagine how that would have been. Did you ever regret your decision?
Sometimes I doubted if I had made the right decision, but somewhere deep inside I knew I was in the right place and that kept me going. When I was wounded, it was the first time I regretted my decision – especially when Captain Burns discovered my secret.

You sound like a tough girl – but are you really?
Well, I do like to believe I’m tough, but one person can make me vulnerable. I don’t always like it, but I guess that’s part of falling in love.

All right! Then now I want to know who that one person is, of course. J
Well, he is a warm and friendly man with his heart in the right place – a natural leader. And he is tall and muscular and handsome *swoon*. . . Yes, you’ve guessed it right – it is Captain Burns.

Oh, I think I’ve seen him. Brown hair, brown eyes?
Yes, that’s him! *smile*

Besides Captain Burns, did you make other friends during your time of enlistment?
I tried to be the quiet boy that no one noticed so I wouldn’t be found out, but there were some soldiers I worked with very closely. One of them is Corporal Shane Dean. He is an all right fellow, I guess. Always likes to tease me and Bubba, my pet squirrel.

You have a pet squirrel? How nice! I’d love to see him some day.
He’s outside, waiting in a tree for my return. He doesn’t like to come inside. But you can meet him before I go home.
I’d like that!

You’re still young. What do you hope to do with your life when the war is over?
I’d like to live on a farm with many animals and have children with Captain Burns. *blush*

Sounds like a good plan. I hope you will get what you long for. Thanks for being with us today and answering my questions. All the best to you and the captain!
Thank you!

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