Saturday, July 19, 2014

Meet Gloria Donovan ... The San Francisco Wedding Planner's Cougar! by Patti J. Smith

Meet Gloria Donovan ... The San Francisco Wedding Planner's Cougar!

When The San Francisco Wedding Planner series was in the planning process, each of us was asked to select the character we would most like to focus on for round two. Surprise, surprise! I chose Heather's mother, Gloria Rasmussen Donovan. We are alike in a few ways. I have a thirty-four year son who cringes when the phone rings, waiting to hear my honest opinion of his life and how to raise my granddaughters ... And let's not forget my academy award worthy guilt-trip provocations.

Gloria meddles in every aspect of her daughter's life (isn't that a mom's job?). Being widowed, she is trying to find herself ... Unfortunately, it's in the teen and make-up section of Nordstrom's. "Dress Young, Feel Young" is one of her mantras, the other being, "Date Young, Feel Young." Both a source of embarrassment for Heather and entertainment for her staff.

Close your eyes -- picture a 50+ woman in a hot pink tank top, skin-tight leopard print capris, spiked heels, and pouty, over-painted lips....and listen to “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cindy Lauper!

That's Gloria!

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