Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Release: "Assassins Everywhere", Volume 4 "The Outlaw Unchained" series by William Tasch

Samuel Winchester is a man on the run. He was once an army officer with a spotless record, but wrongly convicted of a murder in Texas that he didn’t commit. Samuel endured great hardships in the worst military prisons possible and was whipped and chained to the floor every night. Sam, with the aid of an accomplice escaped prison after ten years. Sam took the chains that bound him and is desperately trying to clear his name, vowing to use those very chains on whoever set him up. He has made his way from Florida all the way to Kansas trying to maintain a low profile and see his most trusted Ally Colonel Adelman who is now in Fort Leavenworth. Sam believes he can aid him in proving his innocence. Colonel Adelman is also the father of Emmaline, the love of Sam’s life.
With the aid of his new Irish acquaintance Phillip who runs a secret underground railroad, Sam agrees to help Phillip get answers of his own if he will get Sam to Colonel Adelman. The plan seems simple enough, but when someone wants to hide the truth from you and wants you dead, assassins seem to come from everywhere.
William Tasch is a retired U.S. Army veteran who loves writing in his spare time. He is the author of Outlaw Salvation a gritty novel of two best friends who are ripped apart when one receives an invitation to join the local motorcycle club and finds out they are not just a bunch of fun loving motorcycle riding guys. He is also the author of Blister Creek a western taking place in 1865 long before Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. The story centers around a young man who is a gun slinging, gambling, womanizing drunk who gets in a gun fight with the wrong family and has the opportunity to turn his life around as the Sheriff in a new town, but somehow the past always has a way of following you. He just finished writing Charlie’s Freedom a Civil War story for Murray Pura’s ‘Let Freedom Ring’ series that is due to be released soon. The story focuses on a slave named Charlie who wants nothing more than to be a free man. After an unsuccessful attempt at escape, the plantation owner’s son is forced to whip Charlie. He doesn’t like it and helps Charlie escape to freedom. Together they each join opposing forces in the Civil War and will meet on the Battlefield in Peachtree Creek Georgia. William is also currently one of the authors for the bestselling series Outlaw Unchained. He currently lives in California with his wife, son and their crazy dog Reese.
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