Saturday, May 17, 2014

"How to Cook Squirrel" - A Recipe - Big Jim Williams

Just a note before you get into the recipe: Big Jim is on the author team for the “Outlaw Unchained” series and he also released “Cattle Drive”, his first western novel. The link for “Cattle Drive” will be below the recipe.

Have fun reading this, I know I did!

The following squirrel-cooking recipe is suggested in keeping with what an escaped convict in 1840 in our “Outlaw Unchained “series may only be capable of doing based on his limited equipment and access to any kind of food or fuel for a fire, where smoke cannot be seen by his pursuers.
First, it’s imperative to catch, trap, shoot, impale, or persuade a squirrel (or multiple squirrels) to die for your dinner, because cooking something that is no longer breathing is preferred. Squirrels are small, so try to collect two or more for a full dining experience.
Your pursuit may include ground squirrels, tree squirrels, flying squirrels, or chipmunks, or marmots. They’re crafty critters, so take your time in trying to snag one.

Once the furry creature has been dispatched, then it must be skinned, gutted (yuck), and prepared for cooking. I suggest barbecuing.
Build a fire and let it burn until you’ve got a bed of red-hot coals for an even heat. (Does our escapee have matches or a fire-starter kit in his pocket, or a magnifying glass to concentrate the rays of a sun to start a fire, or should he simply rub two sticks together until creating fire?)

Find a long sturdy stick and whittle the tip into a sharp point (if one has a knife) or rub the tip on a rough stone until sharp.
Stick the skinned squirrel on the stick, making sure it is secure and will not fall into the fire.
Hold the squirrel-mounted stick over the fire and frequently turn until done to a golden brown. Some say squirrel meat tastes like chicken or rabbit, and others claim it tastes like rat. Oh, well, when one is really hungry…
Once the scrawny carcass is barbecued to your liking (time varies according to the size of the fire and rodent), remove squirrel from stick, place on a clean smooth stone, and eat.

And then run like hell so the prison trackers and guards mentioned in “Outlaw Unchained” won’t catch you.

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