Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Meet The Badeau Family!

Meet The Badeau Family
Susan and Hector Badeau, are high school sweethearts. Some call them idealists, some call them angels. Call them whatever you want, they are focused on one thing--the well being of children, all children. They started out together with a plan of having a few children and adopting a few children. They ended up having two biological children and adopting 20 children. Their adopted children came from many different states and countries. They are of all ages, races, and physical, mental, and emotional states of well being.
They have also served as foster parents for more than 50 children in three states, and as a host family for refugee youth from Sudan, Kosovo and Guatemala. They now have over 35 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. They have won numerous awards for their work, including being recognized by President Clinton with an “Adoption Excellence” award, by Congress with an “Angels in Adoption” award and recently as the recipients of the “Beyond Me” award bestowed upon them by best-selling author Kathi Macias..

The Badeau family is made up of many ethnicities and many personalities. Some children were adopted at birth; others were teenagers when they joined the family. Some are from the United States; others are from countries around the world. Some have mental, physical, intellectual, or emotional challenges.

Susan Badeau is a nationally known speaker and writer – addressing such topics as the impact of trauma on children, creating a healing family, and the value of permanence for all children. She has been working as a child welfare professional for over thirty years. Susan and Hector started two adoption agencies together, Root Wings and Adoption Resource Center. Hector has always been the stay at home Dad for the family.

In addition to their own children, Hector and Sue have served as surrogate parents for countless neighborhood and church children. Hector was recently named one of West Mt. Airy Neighbor's 50 Good Neighbors because of his charitable work in the community and with the youth of the community.

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  1. So pleased to see such a worthy recipient honored for her tireless service to others. Blessings, Sue!