Saturday, June 21, 2014

Are you ready for "The Herman Thrice Series - Volume 2 - Seeds of Destruction" by CQ Scafidi

December 21, Helsinki, Finland. Annual Winter Global Agriculture Summit
Sponsored by the Global Crop Diversity Trust, The Nordic Genetic Research Center (Nordgen) and the Nordic Council of Ministers, , all the major Agribusiness giants that produce GMO seed and agrichemicals, and major philanthropic associations, whose overt mission is to end global hunger and disease.
Held within the sumptuous surroundings of the historic Hotel Kamp, the Global Elite are meeting within the extremely tight security of its confines to discuss the future of Global Agribusiness. Often attended by the world’s wealthiest people, the Summit is held in Finland because of its proximity to the key players who oversee the operation of the now famous Doomsday Seed Vault or the Svalbard Global Seed Vault located inside the Arctic Circle on a remote island in Norway, Spitsbergen.
It’s time for Stan Gideon to act:
“Pack your bags tonight after your shift; you are coming with me to Finland to help with the Nord-gen Annual Conference of Nordic Ministers. Many bigwigs will be there and I need my best people. You are my best Sous chef and so you are coming with me. Questions?” Chef Gio stared at Stan with a look of impatience and arrogance as he waited for an answer.
Stan was a little stunned by his kind words, a rarity for Chef Gio, so after clearing his throat, he replied, “What time do we leave?”
Welcome to Volume Two of “The Herman Thrice Series”!

Christian Gideon was born with the ability to speak, apparently learned while in his mother’s womb. He was reading at two and had taught himself Spanish by four. His father, Stan Gideon, knew his son was special, but never imagined the destiny that lay in wait for his gifted progeny. As a former agent for D.A.R.P.A., Stan was now working deep undercover. In his years with the government, he had encountered others like his son. It was for this reason that he allowed his son to be mentored by those only known to Christian as “the immortals.” Within a short few years, Christian was writing peer-reviewed scientific papers on particle physics, while his father successfully got him employment at a secret particle accelerator in the shadows of Mount Shasta.
With his assignment to infiltrate the nefarious C.E.R.E.S. cabal, Stan was investigating their plan for global depopulation, while his young son was being schooled in the ancient arts of alchemy by his quirky project manager, Dr. Herman Thrice. Unbeknownst to Stan, Christian would soon be selected to hone his special talents as a Light Worker for the planet Earth. Via the power of Inter-Dimensional travel, Christian would join other “millenials” with similar talents at the Light Worker Academy located on a planet circling one of the Seven Sisters or Pleiades. It was here that they would learn that they are actually the next step in human evolution.
Utilizing the top secret information uncovered by his father, Christian would soon return to Earth with his teammates, to stop the depopulation agenda and return the planet to its original pristine condition utilizing their newfound alchemical skills. Will the father and son be successful at thwarting the ongoing attempts by C.E.R.E.S. to cull the human population through the systemic poisoning of the planet? Will they overcome the dark forces at work within the government to aid C.E.R.E.S.? Read the Herman Thrice series and follow the Gideon’s as they work in tandem to save the planet Earth from its ultimate destruction.
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