Thursday, September 20, 2012

Can You Be THE Big Winner?

In my eyes, everybody I talk to is a winner; they are too special and unique not to be.
~Giovanni Gelati

What I am driving at is really pretty simple. On Saturday September 22nd @ 12PM EST I will be interviewing a slew, yes I just used that word, slew, of Amish genre authors on my blogtalk radio show The G-ZONE.
But wait, there’s more!
We will also be on the Helping Hands Press Facebook Page discussing what we are talking about and all other manner of stuff.
But wait, there’s more!
Yes there is more, much more. What is that? Hmm… well let me tell you.
We are having a give-a-way. Not just any give- a-way, no, no, no ,no ,no.
We are talking about some of the biggest and best-selling names in the Amish/Mennonite genre today:
Karen Anna Vogel, Sarah Price, Marsha Hubler, Roger Rheinheimer, Crystal Linn, George Michael Loughmueller, Murray Pura, De Miller, Isaac and Sarah Martin, Theresa Ricci, Mark Miller, did I forget anybody? Who knows who else may show up for the party!
Oh yes, I forgot the Grand Prize:

-Paperback versions of Karen Anna Vogel’s “Knit Together” and “Amish Doll”
-e-version of “Amish Knitting Circle- Complete series” and volume one of “Amish Friends Knitting Circle”
-Two Sarah Price e-books- “Tomato Patch” and “Quilting Bee” , and the first volume of her new series “Amish Circle Letters”
-De Miller DVD of his new movie “Twin Tales- Deserted” and also the e-book story of the movie, and the first volume of “The Amish Mysteries”
-Marsha Hubler’s ebook novel “The Loves of Snyder County – Volume 1 – Bachelor’s Choice” and also the first in her new short story series “The Snyder Quilting Bee – Volume 1 – Nannette’s Needle and Thread”
-Roger Rheinheimer and Crystal Linn will be including the entire series of “Amish Forever” to date, volumes one through eleven.
-Murray Pura is including his new novel “The Face of Heaven (Snapshots in History)”
-Isaac & Sarah Martin are adding their first story from “Amish Paradise”. -Theresa Ricci will be including the first installment of her series “Friends Among The Amish”
-George Michael Loughmueller will be including the entire series “An Amish Journey-Set Free” Volumes one through nine, and Volume one of his new series “An Amish Home”
-Mark Miller, he is in the midst of co-authoring a story with George Michael Loughmueller, will be adding in his children’s stories “Small World Protection Agency –Volume 1 – New Kids on The Rock”,and “Sons of The King- Volume 1 –Fallen idols”.
-Mark Miller is also the lead author of the Best-Selling “One” series and will also be adding Sarah Prices installment to the collection – “The Power of Faith”
-I will be throwing in not one, but two six packs of whoopee pies and a shoo fly pie.

If you add that all up it comes to 43 stories, 12 whoopie pies and one shoo fly pie. Not too bad!

Now I am going to have to guess you want to know what you need to do to win all that?
Hmm…I have a very vivid imagination, so watch out.
Does this involve pudding, ants, vats of acid, or shaving your head?
No, much worse, much, much worse!
You will have to actually have to listen in to the broadcast; ask questions of the authors while doing so on our Helping Hands Press Facebook Page. “Like” the page if you haven’t already, follow us on Twitter, visit our blog and follow us there, become our friend on Goodreads and Pinterest, oh and what other utterly painful and nasty thing can we come up with…hmmm…oh yeah, HAVE FUN!
The more you do the better chance you have of winning. There will be other prizes and more winners, but what I have described above is the Grand Prize.
What is that you say? Where can you go to be a participant in all this fun? I will give you three links to keep it simple. One for the blogtalk show, the MyHelpingHandsPress blog itself, and the Helping Hands Press Facebook page so you can like it .
I look forward to being the ringmaster of the insanity to come this Saturday.
Are You Ready To Party?

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