Saturday, October 8, 2011

T. Thomas Akerman “The SafeHouse”

I am going to be posting on some self- published novels for the next few posts. For some reason I like to do them in clusters. T.Thomas Akerman has produced a very moving, intense , and passion filled narrative in “The Safehouse”. This is one of the elements I look for in a work like this, the author’s raw emotions; it is one of my favorite things about self –published work. I enjoy the fact that I am enjoying not only his point of view, but it is an undistilled version of it. No one is trying to push him into a peg hole, no one is trying to edit it into oblivion; there is no change in his message, and it is delivered to me fresh.
“The Safehouse” pushes all the right buttons, tweaks raw emotions, and then challenges us as readers to become invested in this universe, to be drawn into it. What more could one ask for in a read?
Here is the synopsis:
“When There Is No Safety
Every nine seconds, a woman becomes a victim of domestic violence in the United States. The laws don't do enough to protect these women and their children from the abuse, which will always escalate. Detective Jessica Warren understands all too well how vulnerable women are in abusive relationships. And she's not going to stand by and watch as innocent victims are injured, or worse. The Safehouse is the story of Jessie Warren and the closely knit network of powerful women who aren't willing to allow abusive men to hide behind inadequate laws. It's the story of the victims she helps, some of whom learn to break out of the patterns holding them trapped. And it's the story of how Jessie navigates the police system with pragmatism, intelligence, and heart to extend a helping hand to women in need. But with all the time and emotional energy she spends helping others, will she be able to maintain her own life balance? And will she be able to outsmart the one member of the police force who doesn't approve of her unorthodox methods? True to life and riveting, The Safehouse will take you on a compelling journey to justice. The author is donating 25% of royalties from this book to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. “

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