Sunday, October 16, 2011

Karen Anna Vogel “Amish Knitting Circle- Thanksgiving- Volume Three”

I need to be serious with this one. I usually joke about the Amish and my love for them. I don’t want to take away from what is going on here with this series and just talk about the facts jack. This is the third installment in the “Amish Knitting Circle” Series. The first two are called “Beginnings” and “Wedding Season”. To discuss sales for a moment, I need to say thanks to everyone that has been nice enough to support this series, both volume one and volume two are ranked extremely high on Amazon Kindle and the sales position for both overall is under 900.Not bad considering there are at this point one million Kindle titles. Now for some even better news: Karen Anna Vogel is going to be releasing a Full Length Novel of the “Amish Knitting Circle”, which will be released by early November.
The story itself for me is saturated with care and compassion. I know fancy words for a guy that also likes to read about things that go boom. That for me though is the gist of it, the “circle” is genuine, it is tangible, it is real, and Karen Anna Vogel brings that home with her rich content and prose. She has that ring of authenticity throughout; she is not what some call a “poser”. Vogel is the real deal, getting her juice right from the vine, her Amish friends. Authenticity is the key here. Her care and understanding of the Amish lifestyle and her respect for their way of simple life rooted in their faith make this series the success that it is. I for one am glad I have become hooked on this digital short story series. Why not join me, it is worth the ride.
Here is the synopsis for the story on “Thanksgiving”:
“A Trestle Press original digital short story series…Amish Knitting Circle…Volume 3…Thanksgiving
Granny Weaver knew if she brought five women together in a knitting circle, they’d be spun together, just like the wool she spins. But what she didn’t know was that her nerves would be unraveled by caring so much. She suspected Ruth had marital problems, but she never suspected abuse. Fannie’s poor body image is deeper than she thought. And what did her son do years ago to cause Lizzie such pain? But Granny smiles when Ella decided to look into foster care, coming to terms with her infertility by the help of the knitting circle. And she isn’t the only one prodding Maryann to go to the doctor for her severe fatigue and dizzy spells; the tight knit group of women all urge her, too.
In the Thanksgiving edition, lots of men are off working in Smicksburg, PA, since they work for English logging companies. Ella makes a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to give thanks, but also so the men can have a word with Ruth’s husband. A rebuke is washed down better after a good meal. Then the women all go Black Friday shopping for their winter craft supplies and sewing materials, but this turns into a nightmare for Granny. Lots of things are uncovered that cause her to sit in her rocker that night and pray more “Casting Off Prayers”. But she smiles, knowing carrying one another’s burdens pleases her Lord.”

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