Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tod Goldberg Burn Notice The Reformed

One of my daughters snagged this from me when I brought it home. She is a huge fan of the show and has read another of the paperback novels (the other titles in the series are The Fix, The Endgame, and The Giveaway) while we were on vacation last year. I have to say, I look forward to these novels. I don’t get to watch the show that much anymore because I am reading most of the time; I guess you can tell. Besides that, I like Tod Goldberg’s narrative; I like his voice in all of this. He makes Michael Weston, Fiona Ma, and Sam, pop. The characters jump off the page for me in ways I couldn’t and don’t get from the show. So wrestling this away from my daughter was worth it. What has the gang gotten themselves mixed up in this time? Let’s find out what is between the covers shall we:
“Once a hard-case gangbanger, famous philanthropist Father Santiago is being pressured to aid his former gang or have his crimes exposed. He can't go to the cops, but he can go to his old friend-burned covert operative Michael Westen.”
I like quick entertaining reads. I also like that Tod Goldberg doesn’t just mail this in and coast through the novel but he builds on the characters and actually in the opinions of my daughter and me makes them better. Our enjoyment of the show lately has been due to the hard work, skill, and ability of the author. I look forward to these novels probably more now than the season ending cliff hangers and the start of the season of the series on USA. My logic in saying that is that Tod Goldberg, as he pushes his narrative each and every edition of the series, allows me as the reader to enter the heads of some of my favorite television characters and he does it in an amazing fashion, with flair, style ,moxie, sincere attitude and substance. Let’s face it, the characters have all that already. That is part of the show; he just takes them to the next level. Michael Weston should have it this good every week, but I guess he has to settle for it twice a year. I am looking forward to the summer novel, if there is one. The beach sounds more appealing to me for the read than the ice and snow.
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