Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tim Dorsey Electric Barracuda

I have some business to get out of the way first before I bow in front of the Serge and Coleman altar to which I pay homage. Yes, I love the characters and Tim Dorsey is an amazing author; he delivers yet another novel to which I have caused stress to my diaphragm from too much laughing and my face still hurts from too much smiling. But I digress yet again. Here is the news, well at least some of it; I have way too much to pop it all in today. The deal is this: Check out the GZONE blogtalk radio show and The Novel Spot. Wednesday I have Vincent Zandri on the show at 12.30pmEST & then on Thursday Steve Berry jumps into The GZONE @ 10amEST. I make no bones about the fact that I am a Malone Clone and am excited about both interviews. Mr. Zandri is one of Kindle’s hottest authors right now with THREE, count them –THREE, novels in the TOP 100 there. And Steve Berry is well, Steve Berry, NYT bestselling author of numerous novels. Visit the Novel Spot to get in a quick word on what is a fun new place for authors and readers alike. On the Gelati’s Scoop home page push the badge and join, it is free, it is fun, and I think it is going to be a happening place. Check it out, be entertained, be involved, and have fun. If you cannot call into the show and have a question for the authors, drop me a line and I will ask for you, then catch the archives to hear it. Oh yeah, here is the call in number for The GZONE blogtalk radio show:1-949-270-5955. I look forward to hearing from you!
Now to our novel, Electric Barracuda! I did say I liked it, no change that I loved it. I am a true fan of Dorsey and his work, his style and the substance he brings to the table with these characters. Besides that I am a sucker for all that is Florida. For some reasons his novels have been dropped around this time of year and I get to read them as it snows or in the case of the last storm-ice, snow and then slush. Yummy stuff when you are reading about the beautiful state of Florida. What is between the covers this time you may ask, I am about to hit you with it:
“Serge Storms, that loveable thermonuclear vigilante and one-stop-Florida-trivia-shop, has been leaving corpses strewn across the Sunshine State for more than a decade. The authorities—especially one tenacious state agent—have begun to notice the exponential body count, and send a police task force to track down Serge. Could his luck finally have run out?
Meanwhile, armed with his perpetually baked sidekick, Coleman, Serge decides to blitz the state and resurrect his Internet travel-advice website—which, of course, must be the finest and the final word on trekking the Sunshine State. To up the ante, Serge concocts a theme vacation for his cyberspace audience. And that theme? You, too, can experience Florida through the eyes of a fugitive.
Off they go blogging along a getaway route through the state's most remote bayous, back roads, and bars, where the number of cadavers begin stacking up like Serge's website hits. And in the middle of all his make-believe close brushes, Serge finally wises up to his pursuers and realizes that the manic gumball rally is genuinely on "in the tradition of the great American chase movie."
Clues and questions mount:
Who are all the women being photographed naked in the swamp?
What made Coleman draw on his face with magic markers?
Where is the cruise-to-nowhere taking its drunk prisoners?
When was the last time a Civil War reenactment involved a sports car?
But Serge also has some personal business to tidy up. His grandfather's old Miami Beach gang suddenly had their life savings wiped out, and there's a good bet it was no accident. Too much action for Serge to juggle? Not when it all dovetails nicely into his Secret Master Plan. And especially if it involves Serge's favorite new obsession: tracking Al Capone's little-known escapades in the Everglades.”
To my followers, well first off thank you I appreciate it very much, you know I like to be entertained when I read; it is one of the most important factors for me in the read. Electric Barracuda delivers entertainment in spades and then some. I laughed so hard at times I cried, my wife was giving me funny looks, but then asked what I was reading, when I told her she just shook her head and murmured something unintelligible. She knows how I get when I read one of these novels: basically she keeps her distance and lets me zone into the gonzo side of me. Is this novel for everyone, no, probably not? If you can throw a few things out the window and just put a few other things aside and let go, then yeah, have a good time, a very good time. Tim Dorsey has an amazing sense of humor, which I can say is not to be missed. Take the ride through Florida with Serge and Coleman, they rock.
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