Tuesday, February 1, 2011

John Locke Lethal Experiment: A Donovan Creed Novel

I have two more Donovan Creed novels left on my Kindle and it is taking every bit of self-restraint not to finish them ASAP. I really enjoyed the first Donovan Creed novel (please check the archives), but I have to admit things just better and John Locke took the entire Creed Universe to a whole other level. Check out the description and this is a portion of what lies inside:
“What if someone offered you $100,000 with the only stipulation being that a murderer would be killed if you accept the money? Would you take it? The people who choose to take it are about to find out the ramifications of their decisions to be part of this Lethal Experiment!
Donovan Creed, former CIA assassin, is a smart-aleck tough guy who can't resist a noble cause. Despite a ton of baggage and a penchant for call girls, he always finds a way to beat the bad guys. In this sequel to Lethal People, Creed is forced to choose between his thriving contract-killer business, his part in the Lethal Experiment, and his desire to live a normal life with the beautiful Kathleen Gray and her newly-adopted daughter, Addie. Before that can happen, he has to take care of some lethal business involving a former lover.”
Rolling with the punches contained in this novel is not easy. Just when you think that you have figured out where it is going and are relaxing a little, Bang! Locke smacks you with another plot twist. This is a novel that has sass, verve, guts, and dare I say it emotion. Yes, for a heartless assassin, he is not a killer, Creed is an assassin, the man has more heart and soul than most. Irreverent, in your face fun, more midgets (oops, they like to be called “little people”, especially before they kill you), circus performers, shrinks,….I don’t want to give too much away so I am going to end there. Wait, did I mention the price of this bad boy is $.99.A bargain that kicks #$% and keeps going. I still have a smile on my face.
The insanity of Donovan Creed’s logic, his patriotism, intuition, love for his “friends” (does an assassin really have any?), and character flaws make this series a breath of fresh air in a cluttered genre that is way too uptight and at times concerned with making way too much social commentary. Looking for fun? Looking for the unusual? Do you want to be surprised and shocked? Plunk down what amounts to less than the cost of a pack of gum and take the ride with Donovan Creed and his merry band of misfits. I am glad I have and I am pumped to finish out the run.
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