Friday, February 11, 2011

Graphic Novel Friday Spyboy Trail and Terror Peter David

TGIF to everyone and welcome to what is going to be a doubleheader today. Later on I am going to drop in a post on Stormwatch/Warren Ellis to try to cover opposite ends of the spectrum today- a fun, campy YA work and a very dark, heavy, and deep geopolitical thriller. Just so I cover the bases here, I don’t know if you had a chance to catch our blogtalk radio show this week? The guests we have had thus far are Suzanne Woods Fisher and Vincent Zandri .You can listen to them via the archives. The show is called Gelati’s Scoop The GZONE. This week we have a very busy schedule and then it does not stop from there. We start the week off on Monday with Bob Hamer , then we have in order Irene Hannon, Thomas White, and Jessica Dee Rohm. Okay to our graphic novel, “Holy YA campy fun and frivolity Batman” or something like that.
“While teenager-turned-superspy Alex Fleming learns more about his hidden past and the battling secret organizations -- S.H.I.R.T.S. and S.K.I.N.S. -- responsible for his dual existence, Alex/SpyBoy winds up on the deadly docket of the criminal justice duo of Judge and Jury. Will SpyBoy get the mandatory minimum -- death? And why is the eye-popping assassin Barbie Q working undercover at Alex`s school? And who is she working for, the evil and exquisite Gila, mastermind of S.K.I.N.S., or the mysterious femme fatale Madam Imadam? Every guy wants to be a babe magnet, but this may not be what Alex had in mind!”
The read was fun and interesting. The material had some cute undertones to it and I was pleasantly surprised by the original ideas and the fun acronyms. Peter David pens some excellent prose in this edition. The artwork gave it nice soft feel and made the whole graphic novel come together nicely. I don’t hesitate to suggest the read; I myself am going to look for more by the author and more of the story itself.
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