Saturday, February 12, 2011

Digital short Saturday Skylyr Symkyns THE NEXUS CHRONICLES/Conception

What is in a name, hmm… I guess a lot of y’s. This is a new short story series that already has two installments released by Trestle Press. The next short story in the series is entitled Reality. Yes I have read it and I will be posting on it in the future. It was difficult for me not to have read it as I enjoyed Conception so much I wanted more and the Kindle had enough juice in it so I kept going. The price of the fun, $.99. It is hard to buy a Slurpee for that anymore, let alone a TastyKake. What exactly is a Nexus and what is this story about? I had the same questions, so here you go:
“Have you ever found out that you died, were brought back to life and were at a particular moment physically in a hospital bed in a medically induced coma while at the same time elsewhere? How would you like your spirit to be dragged through the “middle” by a dead guy to find out that you are the only one that can help him get to the “Gates” or take the ride down “the Elevator”. I didn’t ask for any of this to happen, but it seems that I am destined for this. Follow me on my journey of discovery as I become the next, and quite possibly the greatest Nexus.”
Great concept, good execution of the idea, neat narrative, totally different perspective and a fun and engaging idea for a series, I am hooked on it already. Yes I know I am ahead of the game a bit having read both stories but so what. The game plan from what Skylyr tells me is to drop in a new chapter once every four to six weeks. The titles will only have one word and he already has the first 20 outlined and is working hard to complete them. I like this, a man with a plan. I for one am on board this and will follow the exploits of the Nexus.
The category I would peg this is YA/paranormal with a hint of religious undertones in it. How else are you going to discuss, and describe a character that helps people get to heaven or hell? There is plenty of humor, it moves quickly, there is plenty of dialogue, and the best part for me was it made me pause a bit and think about what the message was. I definitely wanted more when the story came to end, but in a good way, that is why I immediately jumped to Reality. I will post on that either next week or at the latest the following Saturday. Skylyr Symkyns, what a name, don’t judge the story by it, or the cover, what lies inside is in “The Middle”. You’ll get that one when you read the story.
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