Saturday, December 4, 2010

Digital short Saturday A.J. Pompano The Copycat Didn’t Have Nine Lives

Hello and welcome to another edition of Digital Short Saturday. Today we have two digital shorts to bring you, the first is by A.J. Pompano with his Quincy Lazzaro series. Here are the particulars on the digital short and the author:
“This is a Quincy Lazzaro Mystery short story. When Quincy is summoned to his writer’s group because one of the members has died, he discovers that murder is more than fiction in this group.”
“A. J. Pompano has been writing short fiction for more than twenty years. His kayaking sleuth, Quincy Lazzaro, was introduced in “The Copy Cat Didn’t Have Nine Lives,” published in Still Waters: Crime Stories by New England Writers. A past winner of the Helen McCloy/Mystery Writers of America Scholarship, he has written many academic pieces including one on teaching detective fiction. A member of Mystery Writers of America and a brother member of Sisters in Crime, he is on the committee for New England Crime Bake, a conference for mystery writers and readers, held every November in Boston.
Visit him on the web at and on Facebook at “
I wanted to include the author information so you can see his full background. The digital short is only 3340 words but they are concise, well written and pack a punch for a whodunit. The characters are fun, I am glad that it is a series, and I plan to feature this author again because I think he deserves support and his work is of an excellent quality. The Cat Didn’t Have Nine Lives is a good example of how and what a digital short should be. A.J. Pompano told a very nice, complete story within that word count and explained everything in terms that left very little out. Quincy Lazzaro is good character and one that makes you want to follow his future exploits, fortunately there are more: Promises to Keep is another Quincy Lazzaro vehicle and Pompano has two more digital shorts with other characters.
Looking for good digital shorts to download to your smartphones, ereaders, and laptops? Then look no further! You have a spot to settle on here with the digital shorts from A.J. Pompano. I am going to be featuring each one as the weeks lead up to New Years. What are you looking for in a digital short story?
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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Giovanni. I enjoy the challenge of writing short stories. You have to make every word count and you have to stay focused. Personally, I don’t set out to write a digital short as opposed to a short story destined for print. Most short mystery fiction writers I know still have hopes of getting published in a magazine or a book, such as the wonderful anthologies by Level Best Books. But the fact is that the print market for short stories is very limited and so many excellent stories go unpublished. That is changing with the advent of digital technology which seems to be well suited for the short story.

  2. I first read "The Copycat Had Nine Lives" in the Level Best Books' anthology, STILL WATERS, and am delighted that it's appearing on Digital Shorts. As a writer of short stories myself, I admire any writer who can have his sleuth solve a crime in less than 5,000 words, because it's something I can only do in my novels. And A.J. Pompano does it beautifully here! He not only gives us an appealing sleuth with the character of Quincy Lazzaro, but also a supporting cast, each of which is a distinct individual. Anyone who's ever been in a writing group will recognize some of the characters portrayed here!

  3. So glad you have discovered Angelo--and Quincy! Quincy is a terrific character--warm with just the right touch of snarkiness! I hope we see many more Quincy Lazarro stories.