Friday, September 17, 2010

Graphic Novel Friday X-Men Invasion

The writer on this graphic novel is Mike Carey and I have to say that I really enjoyed the plot of pitting the X-Men against the Skrulls and the Super- Skrulls, what is not to like about that? The basic backdrop of the story is that the Skrulls are planning on invading and dominating the planet Earth. The X-men are the only superheroes that stand in their way and that has been anticipated by the Skrull in charge, he is of the mind that he thought of all the possible scenarios under which they will do battle. The usual ensues; he is wrong we are saved and all is well on Earth except a few buildings leveled and streets torn up and destroyed: normal everyday stuff in the world of the superheroes.
The stuffing in the middle is the good part in this graphic novel. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good X-Men romp and I am not going to say that I don’t, but this was a well-conceived and thought-out plotline. I, as usual, will give no spoilers here, but the battle was fought on many levels and I enjoyed all the different subplots and action it brought with it. Carey mixed two of my favorites here with X-Men & Skrulls and didn’t drop the ball with the possibilities. That made the graphic novel for me. The artwork was excellent and it helped carry the emotion of both groups taking the plotline to a new level. It was great teamwork, Carey/Nord/ Sepulveda.
Anytime the Skrulls are in a graphic novel I don’t think you can wrong. The stories can go in so many different directions and they have been in so many different Marvel franchise comics over the years they are one of my favorite super villains. Do you know of any other graphic novels the Skrulls are in? Drop me a line and give me the titles, I would enjoy checking them out, thanks.
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