Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gelati’s Scoop Top 20 Summer Reads- Yeah, I Have An Opinion, When Don’t I?

disagree!! The kids are back to school and that means…peace and quiet. Yes that forgotten lack of noise that comes from the little rugrats or adolescents playing their video games. I for one love our children, but don’t mind a little less noise and distractions. I am getting old I guess. So, not to bore you anymore with any more of my ramblings, here is my top twenty summers reads in order. You may be surprised by some of my choices, or you may not; I wear my opinions on my blog as many of you know. Hey, before we get to that I need a favor. We have maxed out on our regular Facebook page and we are going to launch the Facebook Fanpage this week. Please go to Gelati’s Scoop Fan Page and get involved; please click the Like button. We are going to have some amazing stuff there. Starting tomorrow we are running a series of our favorite guest post from the last few months. I look forward to seeing you there.
Remember, the period I am covering here is from June 1, 2010 to August 31, 2010. The next list I am popping out is going to be before Christmas and there will be two lists; one for full length novels, the other will be digital shorts. I am going to put a tentative date of December 15th on it; so stayed tuned. Put it in your Google Calendars, thanks. Drum roll please or possible just hum along:
1-Barry Eisler- Inside Out, 2-Brad Thor – Foreign Influence, 3-Steven James –The Bishop, 4-Nelson DeMile- The Lion, 5-James Patterson- Private, 6-Douglas Corleone-One Man’s Paradise, 7-Janet Evanovich – Sizzling Sixteen, 8-Daniel Silva- The Rembrandt Affair, 9-Jeffrey Deaver –The Burning Wire, 10-Vincent Zandri- The Remains, 11-Michael Wiley- The Bad Kitty Lounge, 12-Irene Hannon- In Harm’s Way, 13-Tom Wallace –Heirs Of Cain, 14-Lee Goldberg-Mr. Monk Is Cleaned Out, 15-Tod Goldberg- Burn Notice/ The Giveaway, 16-Michael Kortya-So Cold The River, 17-Donald B. Anderson- Hanging By the Thread, 18- Agents Of Treachery, 19-David Hagberg- The Cabal, 20- Dana Hayes- Crashers
Making these choices caused me to consume some Excedrin Migraine Relief, but I stand by my picks. I have run off approximately 105 posts in the period and I needed to boil it down the best I could. Yes, many of the novels are from the suspense/thriller genre, but then again one in every four novels sold fit that category. My criterion is purely mine; I have no formula other than pure enjoyment of their work and the ride it gave. Are your choices different than mine, I hope so. What would have listed differently? Who would you have added and removed?
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